Monthly Archives: August 2012

Having been around this place for 19 years now, I am away from my home and family inhabitating it for the first time. Not alone, because I’ve moved closer to my boyfriend but to another country. It cheers me up to think that mom and dad are only 1,5 hours away from me. That isif I get there by plane. And also scartch out the train rides to the main airport and all the other 101 nuisances.
But besides taking a big step and starting a new page in my life, I’ve notcied that moving out is in it’s core also a funny thing.
Suddenly one becomes a lot more interested in interior design or home decor than is necessary. Back at home I would look at my mom’s stack of interior design magazines with a hint of boredom in the eyes, but now searching for the perfect chest of drawers or the perfect colour palette for the bedroom seems as exciting as watching two monkeys fight over a banana. Having your own place where to live, shared or only for one, urges to shape it in a personal way. Weren’t these magazines so damn expensive here, I would probably use them as wallpaper.

DIY seems like a solution to all problems. If you can get the materials. And the tools. And magically get some carpenter’s hands or a seamstress’s skills. So far my hands have been used only to type searchphrases to Pinterest and carry some wood pieces home from the streets. But my head is full of ideas and that what counts, right?

You are a walking threat in your new home. The first couple of days I just kept knocking down things and hitting myself on any corner imaginable. Luckily there is no decline to the number of mugs or plates on the shelves. My theory is that in a new home the person is not used to the arrangement of things and thus keeps walking around like a hazardous weapon of home destuction. Until they get used to the new order in their home. Which I am still trying to achieve. So far I’ve learned to lean forward or pull my head down not to hit the walls. Many bruises later my brain finally got used to the fact that we don’t have perfectly vertical walls in an appartment right under the roof.

That all the core of my musings on the subject of moving to a new place. Now the cleanfreak in me takes control and leads me to making my new home shine.