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Today I noticed that once again I fell into the dark pit of pondering about my personal problems. After repeating the same trail of thoughts like a  buddhist monk counting prayer- beads, I once again crawled out of the hole by thinking: on the whole, I have no reason to complain about anything. There is always someone who’s situation is worse.

1. My whole family is alive. The relationships running through this family aren’t always the warmest and cuddliest, but at least I have all of them still with me.

2. I have some education. 12 years of high school have given me enough knowledge to comprehend what’s going on in this world. Better than not ever sitting behind a school bench or lacking reading and calculating skills. I can read books and count my taxes, woo!

3. I am healthy. I have all of my limbs, no allergies, no illnesses. Should I even dare to open my mouth if occasionally a headache strikes?

4. I can have pets. Connected to the last point’s allergy part actually. I have 3 kitties at the moment. Some kiddos can’t even have a turtle.

5. I am fit. I can enjoy being in my own body and feeling confident about myself. An average running speed of 8.5km/h gives me certain benefits in case I have to run for my life.

6. I have friends. People come and go throughout all of our lives, but still I have a few whom I could call any time of the day and even 20 years from now. Plus they don’t judge me by the (good/but mainly bad) decisions I  take, they are with me for my personality.

7. I can speak 3 languages. Fluently. 2 not so fluently. Imagine how many people in this world I could talk to!

8. I have some money. I don’t have to cope with a dollar or day or even less. I can go and by myself a favourable thing without having to think too much about the outcome.

9. I have a job. Always do. Maybe it’s just luck or the ability to adjust to circumstances. Having this sort of backup is quite reassuring.

10. I have some skills. I do not burn water or make food explode. I can draw and I can knit. I can make people laugh but I don’t think I have a sense of humor. I can fix things or find a way to get them fixed (it is useful to have male friends around).

11. Food in the belly. No struggle to survive is needed if there are 5 till 7 supermarkets or stores located on one square kilometre.

12. No war. People have barely heard the country name Estonia and the tourists who come here sometimes do it by accident. The risk of invasion is close to 0 (unless Russia has other plans for us).

13. Being born in the right time. I have the luxury to tell modern kids to go and play outside because that is what I did as a child. I was born exactly before Internet became widespread in the households, thus, I had a good childhood but am not technologically impaired.

14. I have Internet. I don’t have to use paper to write down my thoughts. And I can scroll cat pictures and memes all day long.

15. I have made it this far. Not bad, eh?